2nd Hand Mall Protection

2nd Hand Mall Protection service is designed to protect both buyers and sellers with their payments and transactions, through our secure in-app payment gateway. 2nd Hand Mall Protection service is free for buyers on your successful transactions using 2nd Hand Mall app.

For a buyer of 2nd Hand Mall, your payments will be held in trust and only released to the seller once you have confirmed that you have received the item as per listed. In the case of any dispute, 2nd Hand Mall will step in to help. 2nd Hand Mall Protection service will not cover payments transacted outside our platform.

2nd Hand Mall Protection service cover the following cases:

For Buyers:

  • Item was not received within the protection period of 7 days.
  • Item was defective, damaged on delivery.
  • Item was received but not as listed/described.
  • Item was received but missing parts, wrong item, broken or faulty.

For Sellers:

  • Item missing/damaged by our delivery partner.
  • Buyers did not turn out as promised.

To use 2nd Hand Mall Protection service, sellers must first set up your bank account (account number or phone no) in My Income module to receive payments from 2nd hand mall. 2nd Hand Mall Protection service is automated for any transaction via our platform.

2nd Hand Mall Protection service does not cover the following cases:

  • Pre-order items.
  • Digital goods such as in-game credits, game accounts, etc.
  • We encourage buyers to verify its authenticity with the respective organizations before the order is completed to avoid scam.
  • Change of mind.
  • Items paid outside 2nd Hand Mall platform (e.g. cash, bank transfer).

We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate via 2nd Hand Mall chat to resolve any issues. However, if a resolution cannot be reached within 7 days, our Support Team will be there to assist.

2nd Hand Mall Protection Period

2nd Hand Mall Protection is made up of First day of purchase + 2 Days (2 Days to ship the item by the Seller) + 5 days (5 days of estimated delivery time) = 7 days.

If the buyer needs to extend the protection, that will be an additional 2 more days on top of the protection period. (9 days).

If the buyer never confirms receiving the item, the order will be automatically completed after the 2nd Hand Mall Protection. The seller will receive the payment 1 day after order is completed.