13 ways to get cash during covid19

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing its assault on our economy, forcing businesses to close, lay off workers or reduce their hours.

Many may need quick cash or risk depleting their saving.

But How?

1.   Sell your used or unused items in the house.

There are many items that are bought under impulse. Most of the time, they are left on the shelves to collect dust. Why not sell them away to get some cash?

Turn to the 2nd Hand Mall app and list your items. With a right price, you will be able to attract a wave of buyers

2.   Temporary Job

When writing this article, there is a recruitment exercise for thousands of swabbers and swab assistants. Remuneration at $3800 and $3400 respectively.

This job will entail risks, so training will be provided and swabbers and swab assistants will wear PPE and masks. This job is not suitable for those who have existing medical conditions and who are senior in age due to being more vulnerable to Covid-19.

This is open for Singaporean citizens and PR. Kindly sign up via https://bit.ly/2y8fw8i

3.   Life Insurance

Individuals with cash-value life insurance (such as whole life or universal life) can get a tax-exempt credit by borrowing against the cash value in their policy. This could be dangerous though advances that get too huge may in the long run cause a policy lapse, causing you to lose your insurance and potentially have an enormous income tax liability.

4.   Surveys

This is one of those opportunities that don't require any significant abilities at all. You just need to take some online surveys and earn points which would then be able to be traded for vouchers or gift vouchers. You will be actually bringing in cash by just offering an input.

For example, Toluna, Viewfruit, LifePoints, Mobrog, iSay, ValuedOpinions, SurveyComapre and AIP Online Survyes are sites where you can take part in free surveys.

5.   Become an online interpreter

In the event that learning new languages is your hobby, why not make some money out of it? Sites like Upwork and Translator Town offers freelance translation employment opportunities that are time bound and quite rewarding.

The installment per task can run from S$20 to S$1,500. As a result of the idea of the activity, you can take up assignments as and when you have spare time or on weekends. Taking Mandarin in school was definitely not a bad idea after all!

6.   Sell Photos To Stock Photography Websites

If you are good at taking pictures, try setting up a portfolio and marketing yourself at photo-sharing websites such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Fotolia. You can also license your pictures at Flickr, which has already teamed up with Getty Images.

7.   Teach English Online.

Got a Bachelor’s degree? You can teach English to students in China from the comfort of your own home with VIPKid. The application process is super easy—just fill up a form online, schedule a Skype interview and go through the training with some online materials. You’ll need to commit to the job for at least six months and you’ll be paid every month.

8.   Freelance Writer

If you think you have the flair for the written word, you get an opportunity to bring in the cash from it. You can become a freelance writer for a website, magazine, news wire, or ad agency – the opportunities are abundant.

These can be long or short-term commitments so decide what suits you depending on the timings of your full-time job. Make sure you do some market research and decide an ideal per word/per hour or per project rate based on your education and experience.

Try not to be too demanding at first, form a flexible portfolio, and you will go far. Hope to gain S$30-S$50 pennies/word when you start off and look at sites like freelancer.com.

9.   Become a Freelance Designer

If creativity is your strength and graphics your interest, you can become a freelance designer. New business requirements come up daily, which means new job opportunities for designers come up every day. Regardless of whether you choose to design a logo, build a website, design an infographic, you get to keep your creative juices flowing while making money. It is a job that allows you to work at home or remotely on a beach if you wish. Put your portfolio up on sites like Fiverr for a start.

10.   Become a tech reviewer

If you love technology and know the internals of your phone better than your wardrobe, it is time you start cashing in on that knowledge. Becoming a consumer technology reviewer is a huge career opportunity, has flexible working hours, and pays well. You could try working for global brands such as CNET or local ones like Tech In Asia. Or if you’re feeling enterprising enough, start your own YouTube channel or blog.

11.   Become an online course instructor

Udemy, an online learning marketplace, is the perfect place to share your knowledge and earn while you do so. If you have been in the marketing field for long or have immense knowledge of baking, you could design a course and teach people through Udemy. You can use this platform not only to impart knowledge but also to expand your own. If you already have your own website and idea for an online training programme, you can use teachable to create and sell online courses easily.

12.   Publish an eBook

Publishing a book may sound like a feat, and it is, but not in this case. You could write a 20-40 pager ebook and sell it on Amazon. If you keep the price of the book anywhere between US$2.99 and US$9.99, your book qualifies for a 70% royalty. That’s pretty awesome actually!

Try to select topics which are rare and interesting so that your book does not have too much competition. If your book gets rave reviews, it will prove to be a long-lasting passive income for you.

13.   Join a Focus Group

Being paid for giving your feedback. Sounds like a dream, right? If you join a focus group, it could come true. The idea is to assemble a bunch of people to give feedback on and discuss a product before it is launched. Check out job sites like Trovit and stand a chance to earn around S$35 – S$50 for two hours.

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