How to sell/buy online during Covid19

In that past, people met up with each other in the past. Now, people try to avoid coming into contact with the infectious virus.

It hasn’t stopped buying and selling online during the crisis. Many have changed the way in which it delivers the items and only takes online payment.

Here are some tips for safe buying and selling:

•   Use dedicated delivery services and don’t meetup

•   Used 2nd Hand Mall Protection when the payment is secured. Once the buyer has received the item, the payment will be released to the Seller.

•   Clean and disinfect the item before using it

-  If an item is difficult to clean, don’t buy it

-  Cloth items should go through the washer and dryer

•   Wash your hands after handling any item or cash

Any surfaces are pretty much going to be susceptible to being contaminated.

People in high-risk groups, like pregnant women and the elderly, should abstain for now from any activities that put them in contact with others, but said in general, buying and selling online poses a similar risk to going to the grocery store.

For some people, selling items online is a source of income in an uncertain time.

Nevertheless, whatever you bring into your home, you’re going to wash.

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