How to price your used item

This may sound simple, but how to appear being a mindful and reasonable online seller can be a challenge.

Here are four hints in more details.

1.   Do Your Research

Before you start, it is alway good to look through how others value their things. If you are selling an iPhone, what is your competition’s price?

Hence, you won't be pricing similar things at an undesirable cost.

However, having the lowest price does not mean that you will surely get a deal.

2.   Consider Demand and Supply

Here are 2 questions. Is the demand for your thing high now? Is it a limited edition or uncommon?

Based on your reply, investigate the following three situations and understand how to cost things dependent on demand and supply.

Situation 1:
If both your answers are yes, your thing is in demand and limited edition.
Odds are, numerous purchasers would buy it regardless of whether it's costly.

Situation 2:
If both your answers are no, your thing is not in demand and is not a limited edition/ uncommon.
In case you're in a rush to sell away your things, value it lower than your opposition. If not, you can wait and price it at a similar cost and hang tight for an intrigued purchaser.

Situation 3:
When your thing is in demand, you can always price it higher.
The iPhone is a prime example. It is commonly sought after by many buyers, hence there should not be a worry to sell it off. However, if you are in a rush, lowering the price down than your competition should help you sell it fast.

3.   Apply the 30% Rule

30% guideline sounds weird, however it only implies that you should value your recycled products at any rate 30% lower than retail.

Let's be honest; no one would purchase your thing in the event that you evaluated equivalent to its retail cost since you utilized it previously. Wouldn't you rather purchase a direct form of it? I would.

As a benchmark, you should price things that are in "excellent condition" at any rate 30% lower than the original cost.

The poorer the state of your thing, the lower you ask.

4.   Consider your thing's condition

Evaluation of your thing is important.

It doesn't make a difference to buyers if your thing is uncommon and highly popular if it is in a poor state, no one is going to pay it off you.

The most effective method to price your things on 2nd Hand Mall dependent on its condition

You ought to expressly advise potential buyers how well you thought about your thing. You can take photos of your item you're selling and its deformities if it's difficult to clarify.

In case you're considering how you can portray the state of your pre-owned thing, a 0-10 scale is usually utilized inside online networks to rate their pre-owned merchandise.

Good luck finding a buyer at the right price! Cheerful

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