What to Do with My Used Electronics? Resell or Discard or Giveaway?

The coronavirus has changed daily life for people all over the world, and that includes the use of technology. When people are mostly staying in, they can take advantage of larger screen Laptop or PC that allow for faster text input or for playing computer games.

According to an analyst report, laptop sales to businesses jumped 30% year over year late February and up 50% in early March, as companies started to outfit their employees for working from home. This number was expected to rise in subsequent months.

I guess the question to ask ourselves – Do I need a new laptop or tablet which is more powerful? If yes, then the second question is what to do with our used electronics? Resell or Discard or Giveaway to the needed?

It is probably a known fact that many people have spare laptops and tablets at home. They often do not know what to do with it and end up placing them in a carton box or on a shelf somewhere not to be seen. What they often do not realize is that the value of IT equipment can depreciate considerably in the short run due to the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. As such, why not sell or donate it to a society who can put it to good use? Alternatively, you could consider selling off your existing laptop and purchasing a new one that is more ‘fit for purpose’. By doing so, you would have given back to planet earth and helped give another less fortunate individual a helping hand.

As all know, many students are having to rely on laptops and mobile devices/tablets during a pandemic period because of home-based learning. Parents are trying to make sure their kids do not lose out just because they do not have the basic IT tools.

If you decide to part with your laptop or IT device, here are the options available to you.

    1.   Sell in Consumer-To-Consumer (C2C) Markets - C2C is a great place to sell your existing devices. You set your price and deal with the buyer directly without paying commission to the middleman. But be wary of potential scammers and fake buyers! Checkout online platform “2nd Hand Mall”; specialize in second-hand IT sales with 100% protection. Protect you from dealing with ungenuine buyers.

    2.   You will need to register yourself and subsequently post a listing. Do take note that some sites may impose a transaction fee, however, this fee is easily factored into the final transaction price.

    3.   If you intend to purchase an item, you will need to make sure the site you are dealing with offers some level of buyer protection should the product be found to be defective. Platform will safely hold your payment and releases it upon the buyer's satisfactory receipt of the item.

    4.   If you do end up procuring a laptop, desktop PC or smartphone – it is advisable to be cautious and make sure that the device has been completely wiped or has been put back into its default state. Otherwise, you may find yourself dealing with the unexpected malware or spyware! The good news is that most people are not out to steal your personal information and just want to sell their used IT products.

Give the site www.2ndhandmall.com a try. They are a relatively new player on the scene, but they have developed their platform to cater specifically around the sales of second-hand IT products and mobile devices. You will find it easy to navigate the site where products have been categorized so you can easily drill down into the relevant products. Getting yourself registered is done quickly, and you will be able to post your listing almost instantaneously for free.

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