How to sell/ buy online during Covid19

In that past, people met up with each other in the past. Now, people try to avoid coming into contact with the infectious virus.

It hasn’t stopped buying and selling online during the crisis. Many have changed the way in which it delivers the items and only takes online payment.


13 ways to get cash during covid19

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing its assault on our economy, forcing businesses to close, lay off workers or reduce their hours.

Many may need quick cash or risk depleting their saving.


How to price your used item

This may sound simple, but how to appear being a mindful and reasonable online seller can be a challenge.

Here are four hints in more details.


What to Do with My Used Electronics? Resell or Discard or Giveaway?

The coronavirus has changed daily life for people all over the world, and that includes the use of technology. When people are mostly staying in, they can take advantage of larger screen Laptop or PC that allow for faster text input or for playing computer games.

According to an analyst report, laptop sales to businesses jumped 30% year over year late February and up 50% in early March, as companies started to outfit their employees for working from home.