Duplicate Listing Policy

Duplicate listings consist of more than one price listing of an identical item at the same time from the same seller.

Listings are considered duplicate if an identical item is listed in different categories or listed in different names, or if the listings are not significantly different, such as adding an inconsequential bonus item with the same identical item in two listings.

If you have listings that are rather similar, we recommend that you state and show the differences in your title, description, price or photo.

Our Duplicate Listing Policy ensures buyers see a wide range of options from a greater number of sellers on 2nd Hand Mall and that no one seller can dominate search results, therefore making everyone’s browsing experience more enjoyable and relevant.

The examples below are policy violations due to duplicate listings:

    A) User lists the same product in the same or different accounts.

    B) User deletes an old listing and posts a new listing of the same product.

    C) User lists the same product in different categories.

Activities that violate our duplicate listing policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension.

What if I'm in a hurry to sell and would like to get more attention for my products?

If you are in a hurry and need to sell your products urgently, try our Boost to get a push to the top of searches.

What if I'm selling more than one of the same product? Can I list it twice?

If you are selling multiple quantities of the same product, you should not list the same product twice. You can accept multiple offers on the same product without marking it as sold.

What if I’m selling a product in different colours and sizes? Can I list it separately?

You can list them separately if they are pre-loved items or items that have significant differences (e.g. defects, configuration).

If your products are new and of the same model, please list them in the same listing. You can include all different colors in the photos, and different sizes in the listing description.

What if I marked something as sold but I want to sell it again? Can I list it again?

If you are relisting something recently sold, you will be prompted to unmark your sold listing as available and it will be restored.

What if I delisted listing, but I decided to keep selling it? Can I list it again?

You must do a new listing again.

What if I create a new listing of a product that I have already listed but I have changed some details of this new listing – is that considered a duplicate listing?

If you list the same product more than once, it will be considered a duplicate and may be taken down. You could simply edit your existing listing.